Bill Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association


In the Advanced program, you will experience more live training and be
exposed to more advanced moves. In this stage of your training
experience, you will witness incredible improvement not only on your
technique, but your conditioning as well. The Advanced Program is
designed to expose the student to several different classes and a variety of
training experiences, allowing you to develop a unique style of Brazilian
Jiu-Jitsu, and to further your mastery of the art. As a result, in the
Advanced Program, more techniques are taught, the pace of the class is
faster and more exciting, the level of the training partners is higher, and
last but not least, the focus on little details and timing is what will assist you

to take your progress to the next level. During the Advanced program you
will also have the option to study No-Gi Jiu jitsu or Submission Grappling.
These techniques are similar but are practiced without the traditional
uniform(or Gi).
Pre-Requisite Courses: White Belt 2 stripes