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About Brazilian Jiu-itsu School

About Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu misson statement

We will mold and shape our leaders into practitioners of positive teaching. So that our students can focus on learning and understanding the technical skills of martial arts. We seek to empower our students so that they can increase their self defense, personal strength and self esteem levels.
We expect our leaders to accept and execute this mission statement. You must also bear the responsibility that comes along with teaching the various disciplines of martial arts. While maintaining our ethos of contributing to the formation of our positive student warriors. 

Bill Jiu-Jitsu School

What we believe?

Rejuvenating the Old world way of teachingThe benefits that are derived from practicing the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are numerous. Some of these include improvements in self esteem , physical and mental health. None of these however are as important as the formation of one’s personal character and positivity that is severally lacking in today’s in society.This is what makes Bill’s Jiu-Jitsu Association so exclusive. This is our significant addition the martial arts world. Along with our emphasis and commitment to the physical and mental growth of its association members and students. Together we will harness the rare and unique qualities of our individual students, through knowledge and self-control.The basis of any association is built on a strong foundation of values, ethics, and professionalism and our association is no different.Here at Bill’s Jiu-Jitsu Association we harness the wisdom that has been learned from the ancestral teachings of all martial arts, and precisely united them to form the foundation for our programs of study.These programs have been developed with years of experience in teaching martial arts and have a greater potential for development. We invite you to be part of our philosophy, and we firmly believe in the success and relevance of martial arts in today’s modern world.